Making Tarzana Homes Healthy with Our Green Cleaning Methods

A clean and sparkling home is a blessing. It not only is a reflection of your personality, it also ensures your Tarzana home is free of germs, dust and pollutants. However, if you are like most homeowners, you will find it a challenge to clean your carpet, rugs, flooring and upholstery regularly. This will cause these items to quickly collect dust and grime, making them look shabby and unkempt. But don’t worry. You can depend on Organic Carpet Cleaning in Tarzana to make your home clean, healthy and vibrant. Yes, we use only the best organic cleaners that do not have a trace of harmful chemicals in them. At Organic Carpet Cleaning in Tarzana we are fundamentally against the use of chemical based cleaners as these can trigger allergies, aggravate respiratory problems and can even cause cancer. Chemical cleaners also have damaging effects on the environment as these pollute the rivers, affect food chain and impact the air we breathe.

A Home Cleaner with a Difference

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we are proud of being a green cleaning company. We use organic cleaning methods to refresh and rejuvenate carpets, rugs, air ducts, flooring and upholstery.

Our unique blend of organic cleaners is formulated in-house. The cleaners are created using organic ingredients that are sustainable. This makes us an eco-friendly cleaning service. Organic Carpet Cleaning is a strong advocate of green cleaning. We help our customers in Tarzana and surrounding areas realize the benefits of using green cleaning methods.

When you hire Organic Carpet Cleaning, you are embracing green home cleaning that is effective. More than that, our cleaning methods and techniques are safe for you, your family, kids and pets. Since we don’t use chemicals, there is no worry of allergies, fumes, residues and odors. We make sure that your home is genuinely clean and healthy.

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Services We Offer

Our wide gamut of cleaning services is apt for any Tarzana home. Every single cleaning service we provide goes a long way in keeping your home healthy and safe. Our cleaning services are designed to improve indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning Tarzana

Carpets are often viewed as an excellent way to cover the floor and complement the décor of the room. But carpets require proper maintenance to make sure they don’t turn into a cesspool of dirt, grime and pathogens. The fibers have a knack of trapping particulate matter that become airborne each time you walk on them. Some of the particulate matter tends to penetrate deeper into the fibers that regular brushing and vacuum cleaning cannot get rid of.

Organic Carpet Cleaning uses organic carpet cleaning techniques to remove embedded dirt and grime. Our cleaning agents are equipped to remove stains and odors, as well. We use hot water extraction to remove deep-seated dirt and dust from your carpets and this helps ensure every bit is removed. Our quick drying method is capable of drying your carpet quickly without worries about mold and mildew.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tarzana

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tarzana

Tiles give home a modern look and they are easy to maintain. However, those tiny pores in the tiles and grout tend to accumulate dirt that is really tough to remove. You will have to scrub each tile and grout line individually to remove the dirt and grime, making it a cumbersome job. This is the reason many homeowners ignore tiled surfaces, causing their homes to look shabby.

Organic Carpet Cleaning in Tarzana provides superior tile and grout cleaning service. We use organic tile cleaners that have the ability to reach inside the microscopic pores and extract the dirt and grime effortlessly. Our green tile cleaning methods do not damage the tiles or grout line. In fact, you will notice the patterns and colors looking more vibrant after our cleaning crew finishes.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tarzana

Since hardwood floor is easy to maintain and can last for decades, you may not pay so much attention in cleaning it. This can cause your hardwood floor to appear unkempt after some time. Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend money refinishing it or covering the floor with a carpet. You can easily hire Organic Carpet Cleaning for green hardwood floor cleaning.

We have the right equipment and tools to ensure every corner of the flooring is meticulously cleaned. Coupled with our organic hardwood floor cleaners the results are spectacular. Our cleaning crew can easily get rid of minor scratches and scuff marks to leave the floor shining and polished, just like it was when you installed it.

Water Damage Restoration Tarzana

Water Damage Restoration Tarzana

It can be extremely stressful to have water flooding your home and destroying your valuables. But you no longer have a reason to get worried or stressed. Organic Carpet Cleaning has certified and licensed specialists who know everything about water extraction and water damage restoration. We even clean and sanitize every item and part of your home that was touched by the water.

Just make sure you contact us immediately if you ever have a flooded home. Time is of the essence when it comes to flood clean up services. This helps minimize damage, prevent mold and mildew growth and also ensures the structural integrity of your home is not affected or undermined. We help you file your claim with your insurance provider to further ease your stress.

Upholstery Cleaning Tarzana

Upholstery Cleaning Tarzana

Maintaining upholstery can be a challenge, especially if you have kids and pets in your home. The dirt, spills and grime take a toll on the upholstery, causing it to look dirty and unhygienic. Rather than discarding your furniture and investing in a new set, you can restore it by hiring the right furniture cleaning service in Tarzana.

Organic Carpet Cleaning provides green upholstery cleaning that removes dirt, stains and other matter from your upholstery without damaging the material. We have the experience and knowledge to clean different materials, be it leather, fabric or synthetic material. So you can depend on Organic Carpet Cleaning to seamlessly clean your furniture and restore it to its former glory.

Rug Cleaning Tarzana

Rugs have the ability to tie the décor of the room together, while providing insulation for the room. But, just like carpets, rugs too attract dirt and dust that regular vacuum cleaning and brushing cannot remove. That is why you require professional rug cleaning that restores the vibrant look and feel of your rug.

In Tarzana, Organic Carpet Cleaning provides green rug cleaning service. We use organic rug cleaners that penetrate deep into the fibers to remove hidden dirt and grime. These cleaners are designed to clean the rugs without damaging the delicate fibers or causing the dye to fade or run. Over the decades, we have provided superior Oriental area rug green cleaning services that have helped many homes improve their indoor air quality significantly. We are happy to say that many of our customers keep returning to us for annual rug cleaning because they are satisfied with the results.

Air Duct Cleaning Tarzana

Air Duct Cleaning Tarzana

Without you realizing it, your home can harbor dust, allergens and other pollutants. Usually, these make their way into your air duct system. If this happens, the contaminants will stay in your home, circulating while the HVAC unit is in use. So allergies, skin problems and respiratory issues will be common complaints by kids and other family members.

Don’t let polluted and dusty air ducts diminish indoor air quality in your home. Hire Organic Carpet Cleaning to clean the ducts and restore health and vitality in your Tarzana home. We provide green air duct cleaning that also include dryer vent cleaning. We make sure every trace of dust, mites, pollen, mold spores and other allergens are seamlessly removed from the air ducts, thereby giving you an opportunity to breathe clean and fresh air.

Benefits of Hiring Organic Carpet Cleaning in Tarzana

Organic Carpet Cleaning has always been concerned about the environment and the way pollutants and contaminants in our environment affect our health and wellbeing. This is the reason we provide green home cleaning services in Tarzana.

When you hire Organic Carpet Cleaning, you are forging a partnership for life with a cleaning company that genuinely cares about your health, safety and wellbeing.

  • Our cleaning products are certified green by the U.S. EPA
  • We have a 45-minute response time that lets us reach your doorstep quickly and promptly
  • We offer after hours service for your convenience so that you never have to put off or postpone your home cleaning needs
  • Our technicians are highly trained, skilled and certified to carry out various cleaning tasks across your home
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools that ensure optimal cleaning with minimal disruption to your daily routine
  • We have years of experience in the home cleaning industry, making us one of the best green service providers in the area
  • Our cleaning methods and techniques are safe for kids and pets
  • We help you reduce your carbon footprint

Home cleaning is a must to keep allergies and sicknesses at bay. With Organic Carpet Cleaning, you can enjoy a clean, hygienic home. We educate you about green cleaning and help you embrace it. Once you see the results of our green cleaning services, you will never want to use a chemical-based cleaner in your home again.

Contact Organic Carpet Cleaning in Tarzana today and speak to our courteous and knowledgeable staff about our green home cleaning services. They will be happy to assist you and clarify your doubts and answer your queries.

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